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Corroborator Profile & Affilate Consideration
Required Fields for CORROBORATOR establish the data-fields for the Patented process of verification. Any Corroborator submitting for Affilation/Co-Marketing is required to complete this additional information.
FOR AFFILATION. Affilated Corroborators are required to extend their Profile to include any and all information needed to satisfactorily advertise and Promote their Business and credentialing to our QREDENTIALS Members.


QREDENTIALS will never sell,share or give away any of this CORROBORATOR information! This data is strictly used to obtain your verification of each CORROBORATOR-generated credential and to establish an affilated partership allowing us to promote your credentialing services to our other QRedentialed members. Any such affilation will be protected by seperate agreement. Once this form is completed and submitted,both parties agree to allow reciprocal logo-links,website-to-website.